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Tree Monkey is a locally owned and operated family business. We are available for business to more than 1.3 million people or within a 60 mile radius of Toledo. We are fully insured, and covered by Workers' Compensation Benefits. Tree Monkey (An Ohio limited liability company) was founded by Joey originally as a side job gig while he worked for a utility line; tree clearance contractor. In 2006 Joey quit his job for the power line contractor, and began working very hard at developing Tree Monkey to be the leading arboricultural service in this region. Our competitive pricing, and reputation we made for ourselves paid off soon after. Every single job we strive to do the very best we can do so that someone will tell you about us, and also so we can be the very best there is. Estimates are always free so please don't hesitate to call or request an estimate online.
About The Owner
My name is Joey, a 29 year old entrepreneur with an outrageous never ending amount of drive, determination, and ambition that was formed in a rough upbringing in North Toledo. Unlike most from where I am from I was so lucky to be exposed to a few very good people, who taught me the most important things like honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic. This is why Tree Monkey is so different from the others, because it was built with these 3 ingredients at the foundation, unlike most companies.

 "The formula I use to make this business successful is fairly simple. I use my honesty, integrity, dedication and combine that with my leadership skills, and work ethic to execute the finest quality of service you are not going to find anywhere else. This turns ordinary customers like you into great friends, and has been the key to our success." ~Joey B