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We have had some large orders, and sold out early this year. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Due to our tree removal service we have stockpiled many cords of seasoned hard firewood. We commonly sale these in Ric cords for $90 delivered (8' long 4' high 16" wide) which is about a pickup truck load. To order please use the Contact tab at the top of this page, or call at 419-329-1331.
 Free wood may be available NOT SPLIT or seasoned, but you will have to call in and must be able to pick it up from our job site at a designated time period to prevent us from having to haul it. If we have to haul it, split it, and season it, we also have to sale it.
Softer wood (Pine, willow, cottonwood etc) not recommended for indoor burning may also be available for much cheaper. This wood is best for camp fires. If you want additional information about our campfire wood just simply contact us with your inquiry.